Asociación Nacional de Industrias de la Carne de España - ANICE -
Asociación Nacional de Industrias de la Carne de España

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The National Meat Processing Industries Association of Spain (ANICE) is a non-profit business organization made up of more than 600 companies in the meat sector (slaughterhouses, cutting plants and meat processing industries), spread throughout the Spanish territory.

This makes ANICE the biggest meat Association in Spain, both for the number of members and for their joint production, which exceeds 60% of the total national production of meat products, reaching even higher values in some specialities, as the Iberian pork products, where the global production reaches 90% of the total.

ANICE aims to inform and advise members companies on the every day growing number of matters of their concern, or that may be of their interest, sending circulars regularly and also answering the questions directly presented their associates.

Also, ANICE represents the Spanish meat industry and defends its interest with the Spanish and E.U. Administrations and other official bodies.

For that purpose, at the international level, ANICE is a member of CLITRAVI (European Federation of Meat Industries), seated in Brussels, and of the CIAA (European Confederation of Agri-Food Industries).

ANICE is also a member of UECBV, the European Livestock and Meat Trade Union, based in Brussels. This organization is mainly dedicated to the primary processing of meat (slaughter and cutting).

At the national level, it is a member of FIAB Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries), and CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations).

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Asociación Nacional de Industrias de la Carne de España - ANICE -
C/ Maestro Ángel Llorca 6, Planta 12
28003 Madrid - España
Tel: (91) 554 70 45
Fax: (91) 554 78 49E